Changing the Iraqi Street – Dina Najem

Dina Najem

Dina Najem trains her fellow  countrywomen in Iraqi in basic computer skills, building up their confidence and capacity so that their unedited voices can be heard. She sees the potential that Iraqi women have and the space that social networking sites could give them. Online they can speak about any and all issues that concern them. But she also knows its limitations, her Facebook account has been anonymously hacked twice, in response to her work as an Iraqi blogger and Human Rights Defender. It is other bloggers in Iraq that inspire her to continue in her work,  that and the connection she feels with the people she trains.
She tweets, blogs, and updates her Facebook with details on her work, helping to challenge stereotypes about Arabic women both within Iraq and outside it. Right now she is preparing to attend the Platform 2011, in Dublin, and hoping to get some time to go to a few museums to learn about Oscar Wilde. But mostly she will be talking in security and freedom to the hundred odd other Human Rights Defenders attending the Platform. A rare experience for most of them.  One person she will have met before is Hayder Hamzoz with whom she co-manages the blog Iraqi Streets 4 Change. It is a blog that succeeds in its aim to

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