protest in iraq : bring down the system or the reform of the system

Children are demanding reform of the system

Invitations to demonstrate in Iraq that is rich in the Internet these days, the impact of the successes achieved in Tunisia and Egypt to bring down regimes ruling there involves a misunderstanding of some people and bad faith of others to employ these demonstrations to serve the political purposes of the views affected their interests in Iraq after the fall of the former regime sought to incorporate the situation in Iraq in the context of inaccurate comparisons with the conditions of the other Arab regimes. The regime in Iraq is a team in the free and democratic elections in which the overwhelming majority of the Iraqi people of different affiliations, ethnic, religious, political, and is still such a government in formation, as did not complete the line-Aali far, despite the passage of approximately the year to hold the elections as a result of the manifestations of the difference between the political blocs the impact of multiplicity and diversity of ethnic, sectarian and social inheritance and lack of confidence caused by the Covenant of the dictatorship during practices and wars throughout the years of his term, which Navt to thirty years.
Whether we like it or not we agree with the system or not agree, but the outcome remains the options of free Iraqis through the ballot box and all who live in Iraq or witness saw the elections as there was no pressure or coercion against any citizen to choose their representatives.

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