Tahrir Square in Baghdad .. Place weekly for the demonstrators

Although the numbers do not exceed a few hundreds, though unsure that they can not make a what caused their peers in Tunisia and Egypt have insisted gathered at the Tahrir square in central Baghdad on Friday, chanting slogans calling to salvation, freedom and calling on the government to reform the political system and put an end to rampant corruption and improve the level of services situation.
Iraq protests began three weeks ago. Perhaps the events witnessed by Tunisia and Egypt in the past two months have suggested to the Iraqis by the fact that the popular demonstrations and spontaneous can happen that can not be achieved politics and organized opposition.
As they did in the past two Fridays on Friday, protesters gathered in Tahrir Square, and under the Freedom Monument, which is one of salient features of Baghdad, waving banners and chanting slogans critical of the government and its president, and calls to fight and punish corrupt.
All these practices are not practices that Iraqis .. Not before the American forces entered Iraq in 2003 and even beyond, although the regime established in Iraq after that year, based on democracy and to pluralism and to respect the freedom of expression and demonstration.
Slogans, the demonstrators did not call to topple the regime, as is the case in a number of Arab countries, but also called for reform of the system.
Slogans were calls to improve services and provide jobs for large numbers of unemployed youth, mostly critical of the state bureaucracy and its failure to provide opportunities for a decent life despite the fact that Iraq's budget over the budgets of many neighboring countries combined. The Chamber of Deputies passed a few days before the current budget year, which exceeded $ 80 billion.
Participated in the protests of various categories of youth and the elderly, women and men. One of the demonstrators and raise a banner reading "Where is my right of oil", while raising another banner which said: "Where is the equality O monopolized power." And was among the other phrases, "Yes to unity of Iraq, no to division" and "curfew and cut off roads null and void" and "muzzle the mouths void" and "your departure is the solution" and "the pace of the first departure of the occupation of salvation."

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